Monday, 3 November 2008

Design Your Life Week 5

This class is whizzing by and I'm loving each week as it comes along. This week I am a bit slower getting started on the layouts but here are the first two. Sketch 1
First attempt at Sketch 2 - not that keen, looks too dark So, second attempt at Sketch 2 - much happier with this one and this is what I'll keep.

I still have a few photos from Halloween to post and will try and do that later this afternoon.



  1. Me again,
    Also loving the class. Did not get to finish last weeks assignments but did Week 5 Sketch 1 and 2 on Saturday and quite pleased with the results. Still have to take photos of them and post on the Gallery. I also used black as my background but unlike you have kept it. Let me know what you think when I post them. I prefer your 2nd effort, the black one is too dark. Nice colours for Emily. LOL N xxx

  2. I agree with Norma about the dark background, the photographs didn't show up clearly. Much nicer 2nd time around. Like Emily's. Love, Mum xxx

  3. Cute! And congrats on doing so well keeping up! I agree the lighter b/g looks a lot better, not that the other didn't, lol - you just don't know til you see it!