Saturday, 1 November 2008


Emily and I had a lovely day in Cambridge. Claire wasn't able to come with us in the end because she had an interview on Thursday afternoon (and got the job - yay Claire!!). We arrived before lunch and went straight to Alan and Zaira's house. Had a bite to eat and then made our way into the city. It was fascinating wandering round the city, so many little alley ways, bikes everywhere and beautiful old buildings. Unfortunately the sun wasn't on my side but I still managed to get a few photos.
Things I loved included, the architecture
The sculptures/carvings on the buildings
The bicycles parked all around the city- not so much, the students when they're riding them ;o)
The lanes that branch off in all directions
The little tea rooms and quaint shops. Unfortunately we couldn't get seated in this one and ended up in Starbucks instead. I loved the reflection of the university building in the window though. The daily market with it's variety of produce This clock was quite weird, had an ugly grasshopper type creature at the top which clicked the seconds away. You tell the time by looking at blue lights which shine through the small slits in circles around the edge. It's new and I'm told there are people standing looking at it virtually all day long! Alan pointed out this street sign. Apparently this was the lane that led to the school for the poor children in the city. Hence the name - Free School Lane. After an afternoon of walking, Emily and I were happy to go and book into the hotel and have an hour or so before meeting Alan, Zaira and William for dinner. I attempted to be clever and not use my flash in the restaurant but it didn't work and as a result, I don't have many decent photos of the evening - which was most enjoyable. Lovely to have a chance to sit and chat before calling it a night.
I'd like to thank Alan and Zaira (and William) for inviting us up to visit and for taking the time to show us around. It was lovely to see you all again! Hope to see you again soon.


  1. What an interesting town. Great photos, Rhona! I love the narrow streets and quaint shops. Looks like a fantastic place to people watch too!

  2. Your photographs give an idea of the various quirky lanes and the ancient buildings. The market reminded me of one we saw in Lincoln when we went to stay with Pat and Mac Spencer. Lovely to see Cambridge . xxx

  3. Lovely photos with lots of detail. Looks like a very interesting place to explore. All the bicycles remind me of Oxford. Glad you had a good visit. LOL N xx

  4. You have such cool days! Love the pics! Congrats to Claire on new job!