Friday, 6 February 2009

He Did It!!!!

Hugh sat his driver's test yesterday and passed!! We're so proud of him - he's been driving to work with me in the car for the past couple of months and I've seen how much his driving has improved. So so pleased that he passed. He couldn't believe it when the instructor told him and said "Really!!!!". We knew it probably wouldn't sink in until he actually went out driving on his own. Today, he got to do just that! He bought himself a little second hand car (which we'd been told about by a friend) and got to drive it home on his own! He loves it!! Unfortunately for him, it started snowing again this afternoon so that slowed him down a bit and he's home tonight waiting for Sarah to arrive. Here are a couple of photos of him when he arrived home this afternoon after following Jon back from Caterham where they picked up the the car. Well done Hugh! Now I've got to get used to him driving himself wherever he wants to go - I could end up a nervous wreck in the coming week - until I get used to it and then perhaps he could become taxi for a while ;o)
And, because I haven't been doing an awful lot this week, a few more pictures of Tom. I've been going through the notes from an online photography course last year and trying to practice more with shooting in manual.
This was Tom stalking back towards the house after deciding he wasn't that keen on the remaining snow.
As he got near the steps Cloud thought it would be fun to flick some snow on him (see his whiskers and back) before I told her to leave him alone. He wasn't over impressed.
He decided he prefers looking at the snow from the bay window in the lounge (out of Cloud's reach!)
Not sure he was so enchanted at having a camera in his face!
So he turned his back on me - enough perhaps?
As for what we'll be up to this weekend, if the weather doesn't improve it'll probably be staying home and keeping warm. A good book and a cup of tea? Sounds good to me!
Have a great weekend.

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