Sunday, 15 February 2009

Painting and a visit

As you may have realised, I do like orchids and on Friday when I went to visit my friend Alison, her orchids were also in bloom so I had to take a couple of photos.
Alison's daughter, Leah's school was having an inset (teacher training) day so she was at home when I went round for coffee. I've known Ali since before Leah was born so Leah is very used to me arriving with my camera and taking photos while I'm there. She decided she wanted to do some painting on Friday morning so I took the opportunity to take a few photos ;o)
Waiting for Ali to get the paints out, Leah was sitting on the kitchen floor with the light from the window catching her. This is one of my favourites from the day.
This cat pot was what was going to be painted.
Love the concentration.
Here she was watching a fly on the window
On Saturday, Jon's brother Simon came to spend the night with us. He had been over in the UK from Chicago since last Sunday but working up in London. We always enjoy his visits and at the moment I'm trying to persuade him to bring Liz with him on one of these trips. We went out for dinner on Saturday night but because it was Valentines day we couldn't get in to any of the local restaurants so went to The Broadway instead. Jayson (the pub owner) cooked some beautiful steaks for us and it was a really delicious meal.
This morning, after breakfast, Simon and I popped round to see Mum and Dad before Simon headed back up to London and his flight home tomorrow morning. Mum and Dad also enjoy getting to see Si when he's in the area and today I took a photo before we left.
Simon, Mum and Dad
Emily is on half term this week so we don't have to be getting up at 6am. Looking forward to an extra hour in bed in the mornings :) Hope you have all had a good weekend
Until next time.


  1. I do like the background you are using now, the texture shows up very clearly.
    Alisons orchids are quite magnificent
    Your photographs of Leah are beautiful and I love the expressions on her face which you have captured so well.
    Yes, we do enjoy a visit from Simon and appreciate the time he gives to say 'hello' to us. xxx

  2. Goodness, you've been busy! I love the photos in this post both of the orchids and your friend's lovely daughter. I'm also impressed with all the journaling you've been doing on your 365 layouts. I've hardly done any journaling. I still have to organize last week's photos and get them posted. I'm also impressed with the quilt. I have all the squares cut for one I hoped to make for Sarah when she was born--she'll be 29 in August. I don't think that quilt will ever be finished! I am getting ready to make new curtains for the kitchen. It will be the first serious sewing I've done in quite a few years. I used to sew a lot.