Thursday, 19 February 2009

Favourite photo and random photos

Today I was reading Jessica Sprague's blog and she was asking what your favourite photo would be in order to enter a competition to win a free place on her Photoshop/Elements class. Although I never expect to win any of these competitions, it did make me think about the photos I've taken and wonder which would be my favourite. I have many photos that I love of all three of my children but glancing through my files, these photos of Emily on our turquoise chair jumped out at me. This one in particular always catches my eye. It's not in sharp focus but it brings that fun day back to me. We had a mini photo shoot and a good laugh and this one was taken near the end when she'd about had enough. Fun memories and, I think, a beautiful photo! In other news, belated happy birthday to my sister Kay for Tuesday just gone. This was the card I made for her - simple and fun. I did see Kay on Tuesday and she very kindly popped in with some cake this evening. Thanks Kay!!
Today we had Jake and Leah for a little while, while Alison went for pre op blood tests. The children decided to have a go on WiiFit and I caught Leah warming up in preparation :)
A rare photo of Jake smiling, I'm not sure he realised I actually had the camera focused on him.
And then, after taking a few photos of the children, I turned my attention to some of the flowers we got last weekend. Jon's sister Deb brought the girls each a bunch of daffodils which have opened out beautifully.
And Claire also got some white roses from her boyfriend Graham. I could see this one as a big canvas
Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow is another fairly full day. We need to pop in to town in the morning and then Emily is going out for lunch and to the movies with a friend. While she's out, I'm hoping to make a start on sewing the little quilt I cut out last week.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. You've been taking lots of photos. I've been running out of steam the last couple of weeks and finding it hard to do 365. I'm determined not to give up however.