Saturday, 21 February 2009

Today .... Saturday

As I don't have much to say I thought I'd give you a peek at our everyday life, today, Saturday =) After breakfast and catching up on some blog reading I got stuck in to doing the ironing. I've been trying to keep it down by doing ironing as it's ready to be done and as a result I only had two small baskets to do today - which didn't take too long. I tend to put on my little tv in the kitchen while I'm doing it and today watched the BBC food show. Ironing put away and the house tidied up a bit, it was time for Emily and I to head into town. On Saturdays we always go in so that we get some sweets from the local sweet shop for Saturday night TV viewing. It's become a bit of a tradition. Perhaps next week I'll ask if I can take a photo inside the shop so you can see the shelves full of jars of sweets :)
The sun was out today and what a difference it makes to everyone. People are happy and walking around without jackets/coats. Bliss!!! I can almost feel spring coming - oh happy days! Back home and it was time to get out in the garden. The dogs were already out when we got back, sitting in a patch of sunshine.
Jon had done a poo patrol (sorry, too much information I suppose) in preparation for cutting the grass for the first time this year. It wasn't that long but was a bit tufty.
Fortunately, in this house, cutting the grass doesn't take nearly as long as it did in the old house.
Charlie decided it was safe to come home once the grass cutter stopped.
What makes me happy is seeing the buds coming out on the plants 1) because it means they've survived the winter and 2) another sign that it won't be too long before spring comes.
Buds on the rose bush
and on the Acer
While Jon was slogging away cutting the grass, I took the opportunity to sit outside (with my feet up) and start reading the Scrapbooks etc. magazine that Liz had sent over from Chicago with Simon last week
while having a cup of Rooibos (Redbush) tea and a Rocky biscuit. Did I mention, in the sunshine!!! Charlie came on to the patio but missed the sunny spot while the dogs made the most of the last bit of sun on the patio.
I have to admit that I didn't stay out there very long because the breeze came up and soon cooled things down. However, it was a taste of what we'll have to look forward to in a not too distant future. Can't wait!!!
And just to keep myself grounded, I found this photo on my (point and shoot) camera when I downloaded photos. I know we could also have more of this before we get to that warm sunshine properly.
Shopping trolleys outside Sainsbury's at the beginning of the month. :(
Have a good weekend


  1. Oh no!! It can't be grass cutting time yet!! I'm not a gardener and I hate mowing!! My gardener gave up at the end of last year so I'm going to have to find someone quick!!!

  2. Afraid our grass is staying a bit tufty for now. Haven't had a chance to sit out in the garden yet, too cold brrr! The sun doesn't get around to the back garden until a bit later in Spring but at least we have our snowdrops flowering also some crocus. Dad and I took a walk around the block in the sunshine instead. xxx

  3. Oh how I miss that sweet shop! Wish I could pop up there with the kids...they would go crazy over it! Have had some fun catching up on your blog, I have been away for too long. Great photos and just love hearing about how you are all doing and what you are up to. Lots of Love, Shannon