Monday, 9 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Mum!

WARNING: Lots of photos in this post so I'll try and keep the writing to a minimum ;) Today is my Mum's **th birthday, and she looks jolly good for her age! Yesterday she had family round for tea and cakes in celebration. As always, she put on a lovely spread which was enjoyed by everyone. Jon did the honours, lighting the candles. I did notice that Mum kept the number of candles down to make it easier blowing them out - what a spoil sport ;)
Tyler enjoyed watching her doing the deed regardless of how many candles there were!
Emily and Claire with their cousin, Faith.
My sister, Kay.
My brother, Iain.
Iain's wife Louise and son, Max, in the background.
Emily and Faith getting some food.
Tyler and I had great fun playing with his digger :)
Today Mum and I went and did our weekly grocery shopping in the morning as usual but at lunch time, Claire and I took Mum and Dad to Prezzo's for lunch. Prezzo's is a local Italian restaurant that we love going to and today was no different.
Mum and Claire
In other news, I finally finished the quilt. Once I'd finished sewing on the binding, I decided the border was a bit plain so I did a bit more quilting. Fortunately, once I'd finished that I was happy with the end result.
And last night it was put to good use!


  1. I'm back!!!! Yay, my computer has been fixed. Aparently it had overheated and the power supp;y box had blown - does that make sense? Love the photos of Mum's birthday. Doesn't Kay look lovely with that new hairstyle? Miss you guys. LOL Norma

  2. The quilt is lovely. I so enjoyed seeing the photos of all your family. You're so lucky to have everyone nearby.