Saturday, 7 March 2009

Saturday's story

A good start to the day was not having to get up at 7am. I wasn't much later - about 7.30am but it makes all the difference knowing you don't have to get up! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way ;)
I did a bit more sewing this morning and started a new project. Hope to be finished with some of it tomorrow. I only have the hand sewing round the binding on the quilt to do - which shouldn't take long. I've enjoyed sewing again and am already thinking about my next project.
At lunch time we went and picked up Emily's friend Fleur so that the two of them could walk around town together. My baby is growing up and I now drop her and a friend off in town to do their thing while I go and do whatever I need to do and then go and have a coffee until they're ready to go home again. I like that she's becoming more independent but it also feels strange - she's my youngest!

When I dropped Fleur off, Emily was invited to stay there for little while until Fleur's mum went to work at 4pm. I came home and worked on my sewing a bit more while the light was decent. I find once it starts getting darker I battle with seeing properly (old age I guess, lol!!!)

Just after Emily got home the ice cream van came round - first time in 2009. Jon went out and got us each a 99 Flake cone, it feels like Spring!! I, naturally, wanted to take photos to mark the occassion ;) and Emily had a good laugh at me trying to take photos with my big camera - while holding my ice cream in one hand!! I didn't post the last two, didn't think you'd want to see her tonsils haha!

Jon has been out in the garden today. Slug pellets have been put round the plants, the grass has been cut again and the borders neatened up. Feels good!!
Tomorrow it's birthday tea and cake round at Mum and Dad's for Mum's birthday on Monday. I'm sure I'll manage to get a few photos then too.
Hope you're having a good weekend too.

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  1. Oh, ice cream and lawn mowing. We are a long ways from that here, although it was in the 50s two days this week and our daffodils are poking through the mulch in the front yard.