Friday, 6 March 2009

Sometimes life gets in the way

I know it's been a little while since I last posted but life seems to have got in the way of me sitting down to write. Likewise, I owe people emails and haven't got round to them either - sorry, will try harder! Following on from the last post, Jon got offered the job he had had the interview for and starts on Monday. Needless to say we are very grateful that everything went well and he is back in work again. The wonderful weather didn't stay and since then we've had heavy rain, hail on a few occassions and at times a taste of the wonderful sunshine once more. It's really unpredictable so when we do go out it's best to be prepared for any weather. Last weekend Emily went to a sleepover at her friend Emily's house. It was a little reunion for a few of the girls from their Junior School as they are no longer in the same class and one is at a different school. Emily wasn't sure how much sleep she'd get but it wasn't as bad as we thought it might be and they had a lovely time. This photo was taken the morning after as the girls were going home again. My Emily is on the end on the right. We have a few birthdays this month and I decided to make some cards on Monday afternoon. This first card was for Emily's friend Emily's little brother who turned 7 yesterday. I'm all about simple at the moment - makes life much easier ;) The second card was for Hugh's girlfriend Sarah
Sarah's birthday was also yesterday and she came up last night. Once she'd opened her presents she had to come and blow out the candles on Colin the caterpillar cake (why did M&S name him?).
Yay, time to eat cake!
I still don't know what that face was about!
Hugh and Sarah will have been going out for three years in June. We all love Sarah and she's one of the family now.
I have also been working on the quilt when I get a chance. I'd quilted the main body and needed to pull through the ends and tie and finish them off. The lighting in our lounge is not brilliant, and neither is my eyesight, so I decided to sit in the bay window at the front where the lighting is much better and I could see what I was doing. I brought over a cushion to make it more comfortable and settled in for the duration. I must have looked quite strange sitting in the window (red light district in Amsterdam springs to mind - haha!!) and Jon certainly had a good laugh when he got home a bit later on. I did, however, get that part finished and now I've got to trim off the excess wadding and do the binding. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article now. Tom decided the cushion in the window was an excellent idea and seems to have claimed it as his spot. He can now lie and watch the world go by in comfort!
We have a couple of things planned for this weekend and I am looking forward to not having to get up too early either morning as Claire is going on holiday from today until the 16th :) Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Love the simple cards. I'm currently going through a 'use up scraps' phase and my cards are getting more and more minimalistic!
    I agree - cakes shouldn't have names!! There's enough guilt around chocolate without worrying about eating something with a name!!!

  2. So glad the job worked out. Finding a job in these economic times is so difficult. It's very scary.