Thursday, 23 July 2009

From the Garden

Another week has gone by and time for another post. I do hope to post more regularly but will have to see how the summer pans out. Emily broke up for the summer holidays yesterday and we are looking forward to six more relaxing weeks and not having to get up at 6am. Yesterday afternoon Emily and I went in to East Grinstead, after she got home from school, to look for a couple of bits and ended up in Nero's having a celebratory end of term hot chocolate with lots of cream for her and capaccino for me. This morning I woke up at 6am as normal but went back to sleep until 7am when I got up for my shower. I took the dogs for a walk at 8am and then took Claire in to work for 9am. I stayed in town and bought some fruit and vegetables from the Fruit and Veg stall that sets up in the town on a Thursday and Saturday. He goes up to Covent Garden in London every morning and his produce is delicious, always very fresh, good quality and reasonably priced. I then met up with my Thursday morning coffee group (at Nero's) for a later coffee today. It was nice to be able to sit and chat without worrying about time. I got home at 12 and then Emily and I went to Prezzo's for end of school lunch. Just the two of us, the food was excellent (as always) and I didn't have to worry about cooking for us tonight (even better!). Emily met up with her friend Davina when we got back and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with her. I love that she has a friend near by now (Davina lives just behind us) and will be able to spend time with her during the holiday. So, this afternoon, Jon and I were having a look at all the plants in the garden when a butterfly landed on the buddleah (sp?). We watched it for a while and it didn't seem to be in a hurry to fly off so I went to get my camera. I honestly thought it would have gone by the time I got back but it hadn't and seemed quite happy for me to take some photos. These are the ones I liked most.
I then carried on taking some photos of the irises .....
the fuschias ......
the garden ......
our window box :)
and the tomatoes (which we're looking forward to eating!)
Now, I know those weren't very exciting photos (well done to those who scrolled all the way through) but I am hoping that we'll be going out and about a bit during the holidays and I promise to try and remember to take my camera with me. So, please come back again soon and see if I've updated ;)


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  2. Lovely photographs, so nice to see the flowers looking so bright. The heavy rain we had a few days ago made some of our blooms look rather bedraggled. xxx

  3. So nice being on holiday..... Your garden is looking amazing. I am very impressed. I have just been updating the school web page. Go and look at our new playground - it's pretty
    Hope you have a peaceful weekend. I'm lecturing tomorrow so my weekend will feel a bit short! Lots of love. xxx