Saturday, 25 July 2009

Random post

As the title says, this is a fairly random post but I want to try and blog more regularly during the holiday and still need to start taking more photos. First up, I would like to wish our nephew, Henry, a very happy 13th birthday. I don't have any recent photos of him, as he lives in Chicago, so he's going to have to put up with me being an embarrassing aunt ;o)
This first photo is of Emily and Henry and was taken when we went to Chicago on holiday in 2001. We have always tended to go around the time of Henry's birthday - and wish we could have been with him this year too :o( Henry was born 9 weeks before Emily and in 2001 they would have been 5. How cute were they both! Henry again, in 2001
This 3rd photo was taken on our last trip to Chicago in 2006 when we were there for Henry's 10th birthday. I think this photo was actually taken on his birthday when we went out for dinner.
Hope you have a fantastic birthday Henry, we're thinking of you and wishing we could have been there to go to Bob Chins with you. Enjoy!!
My next topic is one I don't think I've really posted about before but was brought to mind by some mail we received today. Before I met Jon he was in the British Army, as were his brothers. His Dad, Hugh, was in the Bristish Army during the Second World War and later, in the Australian Army. His Mum, Dorothy, was in the ATS during the Second World War. As the conflict continues in Afghanistan and Iran we thought we would like to show our support in some small way. That's where the mail comes in - today we received our Help for Heroes wristbands. I realise this may not make a huge difference but it shows our support for all the men and women fighting for our Country. If any of you would like to get your own wristbands and show your support, they can be ordered from the Help for Heroes website.
Finally, we are certainly getting into Summer in our house :o). Yesterday, while Mum and I went into Crawley, Claire and Emily caught up on their 90210 viewing. I've got the washing and ironing up to date for now and Emily and I have been watching House. My friend, Sarah, has let us borrow the first series and to date we've watched the first 12 episodes. Thanks Sarah, we are certainly getting into it and love being able to just watch one episode after the other.
Don't know what we'll watch once we've finished this box set ;o) - I've been thinking perhaps Private Practice could be next - only problem being that we've missed the first series. Anyone reading this watched it already? Is it worth buying the first series? Look forward to hearing your comments.
For now though, I guess I'd better go and think about what we're going to have for dinner.
Have a great weekend.

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