Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I'm back again :)

Time for another quick update. This morning Emily left, with her year group, on a day trip to France. She had to be at school by 7am and they were hoping to leave by 7.15am. They were taking the ferry over to Calais and then spending the day in and around Calais before coming back this evening. Emily was up by 5.10am and by the time I got downstairs, at around 6am, she was dressed and her bag was packed. The photo below was taken as she was making last minute arrangements with her friend.
Emily and Davina walking towards the school gates and you can see a couple of the coaches arriving.
As most of you know, Emily is my baby and it feels really strange knowing that she's overseas without me :o( . The weather was a bit unsettled this morning but has cleared up as the day's gone on so I'm hoping they've had a lovely time and am looking forward to hearing about it when she gets back tonight. I know she was a bit nervous before she left but I'm sure once she was with all her friends the nerves would have calmed down.
Rather than sitting at home wondering how she was getting on, I phoned Mum and asked if she fancied a morning out. We went to The Craft Barn in Lingfield where it was lovely to see Sarah, who used to work for another craft shop we used to go to. Such a surprise and great to catch up. We spent an hour or so wandering around looking at the new papers and products and I can't believe I walked out the door again not having bought a single thing!!!!
We headed round the corner for a coffee before coming back into East Grinstead where I had a couple of things to do. Mum took me out to lunch, which was most enjoyable, and it was around 2pm before we came home again. A lovely morning out, thank you Mum!
Since coming home I have been going through Cathy Zielske's tutorial on Ali Edward's blog. It is showing you how to create multi photo grids that can be printed on a single sheet of paper. I've never worked this one out but now that I've gone through the tutorial, it works!! Yippee!!! This is the grid of photos I created using photos from the last time Michelle and Josh were visiting us. I've already started assembling a scrapbook page and will post a photo once it's finished. Anyone interested in having a go should go over and watch the video tutorial. Thanks Cathy!!
And finally, more garden photos (mum, you can look away now). These photos aren't my normal ones of flowers and plants but rather of the big, fat slugs that Jon has been finding recently. I can only presume that they've been having a feast in our garden because they were REALLY big!! I don't know whether the photos do them justice but I'm glad they are no longer in our garden!
In this photo, taken from a big of a distance, you can see the orange coloured one in the bottom right corner and the brown one in the top left corner.
Brown one
Orange one
Not terribly pretty are they!!
And lastly, some of you know that I have started job hunting and had been on an interview last week. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job so the hunt continues. On the plus side, this will probably mean that I get to spend some of the summer holidays (at least) with Emily, for which I am very grateful.
I will let you know, in due course, how the French trip went and see if Emily has any photos I can share here.
Until then, take care and enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather.

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  1. An enjoyable post Rhona, even with the slugs :( What a lovely day we spent browsing in The Craft Barn and the laughter-filled time in the coffee shop (surprised we didn't get thrown out!) These moments are so precious to me, thank you. xxx