Monday, 6 July 2009

What happened today??

When I say, "what happened today?" I'm actually talking about the weather. After the beautiful sunshine we've been getting used to, today turned out to be a fair bit cooler and, in our neck of the woods, rather blustery. So blustery in fact that it blew our acer in it's big pot right off the patio! We couldn't believe it - Hugh told me as he was walking through the kitchen and when I went to have a look this was the sight ....
When the acer blew over it also took down a fairly large rose which is also in a pot. I know some people may be thinking, what's the big deal? but we've never considered that the acer was in any danger of blowing over - guess we've been proved wrong!
As you can see from this photo, it's a fairly good size.
Seeing Wallace and Cloud sitting in front of the pot will give you an idea of how big the pot is. Anyway, it's back up again and now has a rock behind it which will, hopefully, prevent it from being blown over again.
After the fun and games I took a walk round the garden to see how things are growing. It's looking good! Our hydrangia is starting to flower
The tomatoes have started to appear and I wonder what these ones will taste like.
I'm not sure what this one is going to be like but we'll soon find out.
And finally, the buddleia bush - which is supposed to be one that the butterflies like. The flowers are coming out nicely but we aren't seeing many butterflies yet, hopefully they'll still appear.
Looking closely at the bush it's fascinating to see the hundreds of little flowers that make up one of the flower heads. Each little flower so perfect and all alike.
Now we just need the rain to stop again and the sun to come back out so we can enjoy the garden once more.
Have a lovely week

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  1. We were lucky because the wind was strong but our plants in pots managed to stay upright. Your acer is quite tall and was in a fairly exposed spot. Hopefully it is well protected at the base so may withstand these winds. The heavy rain of the past couple of days has left some of our flowers looking a bit bedraggled. xxx