Friday, 28 August 2009

Theresa's birthday

Yesterday afternoon we went round to my niece, Theresa's house for her birthday tea and cake. Tyler was so excited that it was his Mummy's birthday and couldn't wait for everyone to arrive so we could have cake.
While we were waiting for the others to arrive, he helped to open the presents. In this case it was a photo frame with three photos of him at different ages.
What I hadn't stopped to think about was that because the photos were of him, he thought the photo frame should be his ;o)
Tyler was also a great help at blowing out the candles on the cake
Any guesses who helped choose the cake ;o)??
And finally, a couple of photos of the current new addition to their family. Minnie was Theresa's birthday present from Kay and is 16 weeks old.
Tyler likes to carry her around and this photo gives an idea of how little Minnie is.
A lovely afternoon spent catching up with family. Thanks for inviting us round, Theresa!

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