Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons, I have loads I should/could be doing but don't feel like doing any of it. :o( I know I'm going to pay later because it still all has to be done but preferably not right now. So instead, I'm listening to Ben's Brother and writing this post - it's not all bad! This morning I followed Cathy's tutorial and learnt how to put a frame/overlay on photos - it worked well and I was really excited - until I tried to print the photo off and I can't get it to print with the border at an even distance all round - very frustrating (and having measured the photo paper, doesn't help that it's not a true 6 x 4!) Anyone with any suggestions, please leave me a comment (click on comment at the bottom of the post and it'll open a new box). On Friday evening we went round to Debbie and Dave's for a braai (bbq). Penny and Malcolm were staying with them for a couple of evenings and it was our chance to see them again before they head back to South Africa. The morning had been wet and overcast but the evening was glorious - warm, still and dry and we sat outside until just before 10pm. It was another very enjoyable evening; lots of laughter, going through a couple of scrapbooks I'd taken with me (Penny is also a scrapbooker) and just generally catching up and enjoying the company. Thank you Dave and Deb for a lovely evening. Penny and Malcolm, enjoy your time with Brendan and Kerry and then safe journey home.
Dave cooking on the braai
Jon and Dave (with the inevitable glass of red wine) Emily
Penny and Emily
Food time
And finally, because we haven't had any photos of Tom on the blog recently, a couple from Friday. I was trying out my external flash and he was my subject :).
He doesn't look over impressed, does he!
Didn't take him long to get fed up and go back to sleep.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to take some more photos this week. Emily and I are also looking at going back up to York for some sightseeing at some stage, I just need to chat to Ali first ;o)
Hope you are having a good weekend.

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