Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Yesterday morning, while walking the dogs, I decided I felt like having a day trip out. My original idea was to go to Eastbourne but when I suggested this to Emily, she wasn't keen. My next suggestion was Rye. I have a friend, Lynda, who is working at Rye Harbour (almost a little village on its own) at the moment and I suggested we pop in and see her and then go into Rye town centre. Emily agreed. Having never been to Rye before, we programmed the SatNav and set out. Looking on the internet it said it should take about 1 hour 15 minutes - nearly two hours later we got there! We made our way straight to the harbour first and found Lynda who gave us directions on where to park. Long story short, we found our way and then set out to explore. Rye is a town of narrow streets and little side roads. Lots of individual shops, cobbled streets and plenty of history. Unfortunately, yesterday there were also loads of tourists and it seemed every time I went to take a photo someone would step in front of me or I'd have to wait for another group of people to pass before getting a quick shot before the next group passed by. Here are a few of the photos I did take and hopefully it'll give you some idea of what Rye is like.
This setting was right on the High Street
High Street
The Parish church at the top of Lion Street
The walkway down the side of the church which cuts through to Mermaid Street
West Street
Mermaid Street
(I was quite glad we were starting at the top of the street and walking down the hill as the cobbles weren't the most comfortable to walk on)
The Mermaid Inn
(Mum and Dad had stayed there with Iain and Louise on one of their holidays here before the moved back)
The House Opposite (the Mermaid Inn)
The House with Two Front Doors
Corner of Mermaid Street and The Strand
Our car parking was only for two hours so after walking around Rye we decided to head out to Camber, hoping to go and sit on the beach and have something to eat and drink. We weren't planning on staying long (as neither of us was dressed for the beach) but when we got there they were charging £5 to park the car. So, we carried on driving and ended up at The Place - a restaurant near the beach which looked quite nice.
We were both ready to eat by this stage as neither of us had had a proper breakfast
So, when the food came I took a quick photo before putting the camera away and enjoying it!
We're now looking forward to driving back up to York next week to stay with Rob, Ali and Robbie and get some sightseeing in - as well as having lunch with Jon's Dad on his birthday. We'll be gone from Tuesday to Friday but hopefully I'll get another post in before then.
And before I end, Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to my niece Theresa and her husband, Will for today.


  1. How lovely to see the photographs of Rye. Dad and I enjoyed our visit with Iain and Louise a long time ago. (We actually stayed at Jeakes House which was on the opposite side and a little bit further dowm from the Mermaid Inn).The town was also very busy when we were there so I know what you mean about taking photographs. xxx

  2. Hi Rhona, I have heard that Rye is a very picturesque place and now I see how lovely it is from your photos. Weather looks like it was kind to you as well. Have a lovely trip up to York. Sorry we never got to chat last Friday but I was run off my feet - again!!! You plan to do so much then life interrupts....... We'll get there.