Sunday, 16 August 2009

Leah's 6th birthday

Yesterday Emily and I went to my friend Ali's daughter's 6th birthday. Ali and I became friends when Emily and Jake started school and have, therefore, known Leah all her life. She used to tell Emily that she was her sister ;o). Her birthday party was at Manic Monsters in Edenbridge and I didn't expect to have any problems finding it because my Satnav knew the postcode. Turned out I was wrong, as we got near to our destination we found the road was blocked off and turning around caused the satnav to tell us to do a U turn. Long story short, I resorted to the old fashioned method of asking someone for directions - thank you kind stranger! We got there a little bit later than expected but still in time for the fun! Unfortunately, Manic Monsters don't allow you to take photos in the main area so I could only take some when we got into the party room.
Birthday cake being brought in Blowing out the candles
Birthday girl
Happy Birthday Leah!
Marc, Ali and Leah
Adam (Emily's brother)
Matthew, Jennifer and Neil
Jake (Leah's big brother)
Goofing around The 2 Emilys
After the party Ali invited a couple of families back to the house. Leah got to open her presents, play her new guitar and hit the pinata. The adults got to relax, have a couple of tea and some snacks that Marc prepared. It was a lovely way to end the afternoon (apart from Jake having to go up to the hospital to get his eye checked out. Someone had poked him in the eye accidentally and it had actually scratched his eyeball above the top eyelid. He's now on antibiotic cream for it. Hope it feels better soon, Jake!)
Back at the house, Leah plays her new guitar
Hitting the pinata
And finally, because it's not often that I get a photo of Charlie where he looks decent (unlike Tom who is very photogenic ;o) ), here's one I managed to capture the other evening. Can't believe we've had him 3 years this month!
Hope you've had a good weekend


  1. Where has time gone? Leah has grown up overnight! Tell Ali I say Hi :)

  2. She's so lovely and pretty.. Everything looked absolutely amazing for her birthday party.
    Happy birthday to your little Lady..