Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September already!

Can you believe we are now into September! Where did the summer holidays go? Emily goes back to school on Friday and we'll then be back into the school routine. I don't know if I'm ready yet, I enjoy the lazier relaxed days of summer! This morning we needed to be up fairly early because Emily had a dentist appointment at 8.45am - baby tooth extraction! Her new tooth had grown down in front of the baby tooth and the baby one was making it difficult to brush her teeth properly. Emily wasn't looking forward to this at all because she had been warned that she would need an injection. Over the weekend, however, the tooth had become wobbly on its own so when we went in we asked whether it would be possible to leave the extraction and let the tooth come out naturally? One very happy girl when she was told that would be fine - lots of wobbling to be done to get it out as soon as possible but no extraction needed :o) Definitely made her day!
I then got to go round to my friend, Pam's house for coffee and a chat before Pam returns to work on Friday. I got there around 10am to find freshly brewed coffee and homemade scones - add the excellent company and it was a fantastic morning.
So much so that next time I looked at my watch it was after 1pm and time for me to leave. I love how sitting and solving the problems of the world with a friend makes you feel so much better. Thanks Pam!
And to end this post, a photo of the roses outside our back door. I wish you could smell them - the scent is heavenly - another little thing that makes me happy!
PS I have joined up to take the "Learn Something New Every Day" class on Shimelle's website. I did it last year and can now join in every year if I want to. I'm going to attempt to keep up and, hopefully, it'll result in me being more consciencious with my blog posts - time will tell ;o)


  1. Those roses are gorgeous. Havent been here for a while. Emily looks gorgeous!

  2. My roses are blooming again too. I so love them and yours are beautiful. I took some photos as well and should get them posted!