Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dad's 80th Birthday Lunch (Photo heavy ;o) )

Today Dad took all the family local to us, out for lunch at the Rose and Crown Pub in East Grinstead to celebrate his 80th birthday which is tomorrow. He had a full house with everyone within driving distance coming together for the occassion. We missed the family not able to be with us (Norma, Chez, Ciaran and Caelen; Robin; Renee, Colin, Marc, Shannon and James) but hope you know that you were in our thoughts. The meal was delicious and the service faultless. We had a few brief speeches from Jon, who was acting as MC, and a reply from Dad. Below are a some of the photos taken today
Had to have a helium balloon for Dad (and we made him walk back to the car carrying it ;o) ) People arriving at the pub
Dave, Emily and Debbie
Iain, Dad and Louise
Louise offered to take a few family photos before everyone sat down for lunch.
My sister Kay; my brother Iain; Dad; Mum and me (we just needed Norma and Robin to make the gang complete!)
There then followed a large group photo. As is often the case in big group photos not everyone is always looking at the camera, has eyes open, etc., so I'm putting the three we did take on the blog.
Claire and her boyfriend, Craig. Jon standing next to them during one of his speeches
Sarah (Hugh's girlfriend) and Hugh
We took a token cake to the pub and Dad asked Tyler to help him blow out the candle - Dad being the eldest person there and Tyler, the youngest great grandchild (at the moment - new brother/sister due early November '09). Tyler was a very willing helper
But not as willing to have his photo taken with Grandpa afterwards
The birthday boy
From the pub we went on to Mum and Dad's house for another birthday cake and tea/coffee.
Once again, Dad had a willing helper
We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did Dad and we'll see you again tomorrow.
Love you lots


  1. Thank you for posting the photos so quickly. I was really heartsore not being able to be there with you all. You were in my thoughts the whole afternoon. Miss you lots. xxx

  2. We missed you too and wished you could have been here to celebrate with us. Love you lots, xxxx

  3. How wonderful to have those great family photos. Your dad sure looks great at 80; may we all be so blessed. Is this a new photo of you on the blog or have I just missed it? It's lovely.

  4. Thanks Rhona for all your organising. It went well and all seem to have enjoyed the lunch,
    See you soon