Sunday, 11 October 2009

Family visit

This weekend we've had Jon's daughter, Michelle; grandson, Joshua and Michelle's partner, Matthew come to visit us. We've had a wonderful weekend catching up on what's been going on and just getting to relax and enjoy their company. Joshua enjoys spending time with Jon - whom he's taken to calling Grandy! Not quite sure what Jon thinks of this name but, for now, it's sticking! They spend time together outside in the garden - where Josh tries to tell Jon what to do and Jon tries to keep some control ;o)
Joshua and Grandy Josh wasn't terribly impressed at having to have his photo taken but enjoyed being able to make silly faces for me.
Who's the boss???
A few of Michelle and Matthew
Group photo
Do you think they were glad the photo session was finished?
It's been a lovely weekend and we hope to see them again soon. xx

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