Monday, 26 October 2009

Jon's birthday/more baby photos :)

There are a lot of photos again tonight, so I will try and keep the writing to a minimum. Today is Jon's birthday. He's had a busy day starting with an interview up in London. He seems happy with the way it went and we now have to wait to find out if he got the job or not. Crossing of fingers and prayers are very welcome! Back from his interview, he went to meet up with his brother Mike for a drink before coming round to meet the girls and me at Will and Theresa's. From there on to a Doctor's appointment and then home for present opening and a visit from Deb and Dave before we went to Nizam for a curry. I think he's had a good day and we're hoping that the coming year will be a better one than the year we've just had.
Happy Birthday, Jon! Emily's card (any guess how old he was today?)
At the Nizam
In age order, Hugh
As I mentioned above, we went round to Will and Theresa's this afternoon so that Claire and Emily could meet their new second cousin. Mum and Dad were also there and Tyler received a couple of presents. The remote control car from Mum and Dad was a great hit and it didn't take him too long to work out how to make it go.
I think both Tyler and Will/Daddy will have fun with this one :)
Tyler had said they needed a birthday cake because it was his little sister's birthday. I love that idea and think all babies should have a birthday cake when they go home! Tyler was on hand to blow out the candle
A few more of baby (who, I'm told, will have a name before her mummy and daddy go to bed tonight. I'll find out what it is tomorrow)
Eyes still open and having a look around :)
With Great Grandpa
and Emily
and Claire
I got to have a lovely long cuddle (sorry to all the family members who aren't near enough to have one!)
Finally, a couple of black and white conversions because the colour wasn't so good.
Back with the name tomorrow


  1. LOVE all these family photos! It's so easy to see the family resemblance. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the job comes through and 55 will be a great year for Jon.

  2. Great to see all the photos. She looks quite alert for being only 1 day old. Your family are looking good :) Miss you all. xxx

  3. Nice photographs of Jon and the family and a nice way to finish his birthday.
    Seeing our newest family member at home was lovely, little 'Bright Eyes'.
    Norma, you are missed by all of us. xxx