Sunday, 25 October 2009

The latest addition to our family

This morning at 8.24am, Theresa and Will welcomed their new daughter into the family. Baby doesn't have a name yet, but she weighed in at 6lb10oz and is so cute! This afternoon her grandma (Kay), big brother Tyler and big sister Michaela went to visit her and this evening it was Mum (Great Grandma), Jon and myself who were lucky enough to go and visit. We couldn't help thinking of Renee and Shane (Theresa's sister and brother) who aren't able to pop round and I hope these photos will help. Baby becomes my 2nd great niece ;o) . Theresa and baby will be going home tomorrow and I'll be taking the girls round to meet their new cousin and there may even be a few more photos!
Theresa, Will and baby This little girl had her eyes open most of the time we were there :)
Look at how little her foot is (aaahhh!!!)
With Great Grandma
Grandma, Baby and Jon in the background
Great Uncle Jon's turn to hold (we fight over who gets to hold babies ;o) )
Proud Mummy
Falling asleep just before we left
Congratulations once again to Theresa and Will. We're so happy baby is now here and are looking forward to spending more time with her. I'm sure Tyler will be a loving big brother and can't wait to see him with his sister tomorrow


  1. Thank you for the phone call yesterday. Gosh! Great Aunt to 5 children - very scary! Thanks also for the photos. Couldn't wait to get to school this morning to check out the latest updates. Please tell Theresa lots of love from me. Thinking of you all and wishing I could be there too. Also Good luck Jon, for today. Hope it goes well. Love to all. xxx

  2. Such a thrill to see the newest addition to our family (which is growing in leaps and bounds)
    Norma, we also wish you could be here to see your great niece but you will be able to keep track with all the photographs. lol xxx