Saturday, 24 October 2009

A visitor on the green and Emily's new look

Yesterday, as I was sitting watching Loose Women and having a toasted sandwich for lunch, I noticed that Tom cat was staring rather intently out the bay window towards the green. I thought maybe the squirrel was out and about but couldn't see him. I was just about to turn my attention back to Loose Women when I saw a movement on the green. It looked almost like a large (very large) hamster! Those of you who know me well, also know I have pretty rotten eyesight! I kept watching and it suddenly struck me that it could be a hedgehog. I dived into the kitchen to grab my camera, slipped on my flip flops and dashed out the door. I didn't want to frighten it so to begin with I kept my distance and took a few photos from further away. The hedgehog seemed to look up at me and decide I wasn't a threat but then he turned around to walk away from me. I went on to the green and got a bit closer to get another couple of photos but that seemed to startle him a bit and he started to curl up. He didn't go into a ball, just tucked his head down and waited for me to finish. I've never seen a hedgehog like that before, I've seen one at the wildlife centre but not wandering around outside. I was so excited and he was so cute! Here are some of the photos I took.
I never realised that hedgehogs actually have quite long noses!
Isn't he cute!
Next up is the fact that my younger daughter has decided she needs to change her look! Today she went dark haired - what do you think?? I think I prefer her natural colour ;o)
And to finish off, she decided she needed to photoshop her eyebrows (haha!)
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. What a cute little hedgehog. He has got a long nose! As for Emily's new look, I think she should stick to her natural colour. Much more flattering on her!