Friday, 13 November 2009

Busy, busy :)

It's been a good day today :o) . Jon and I went out for breakfast with my friend Helena and her husband Graydon this morning. We went to a pub called The Old Cage in Lingfield where they do a big cooked breakfast with a couple of cups of coffee for £5 - really good value. Anyway, we got there for 9.30 and it was 11.45 before we knew it ;o) You know you've been in good company when time goes that quickly!
When we got home I got on with the quilting and managed to finish by 1 o'clock. I hadn't seen Mum and Dad to have a chat to for a little while so decided to pop down for a coffee. I took the quilt with me so that I could tie off the ends and thread them through. Again, time flew and before I knew it it was nearly 3 and Emily would be coming home soon.
Can I add here that the weather today has been pretty miserable (understatement of the day!) and I'd taken the girls to school this morning but I got a text to say they would walk home. Fortunately they had a drier spell and Emily wasn't soaked by the time she got back. We then popped out to see my SIL for a short while. It felt like I'd done a bit of running around today but it was all good!
I'm now looking forward to sitting down with a cup of Redbush/Rooibos tea and watching last nights episode of Private Practice - have to know what happens next ;o)
I don't have much planned for the weekend but hope to get a chance to post here regardless - it is "life in general" after all!
And because I like to try and have a photo in each post, here's a sneak look at the next quilt waiting to be made - looking forward to getting started on this one now!
Have a lovely weekend xx

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