Saturday, 14 November 2009


I was looking for a photo this morning and (seeing as it is so wet and windy) ended up scrolling through old photos and remembering so many different events. Looking back to 2001, which was when I first started taking digital photos, I came across this photo of Emily and me outside Buckingham Palace. We had gone up to London with my SIL to spend a day doing touristy things
With Tower Bridge in the background
Emily with Aunty Merle (love the expression on Emily's face!)
Emily used to love dressing Wallace up - he was so patient ;o)
Emily with some of her classmates (and their siblings) at their teacher's wedding
And then my most recent photo of Emily, holding her new cousin, Alyssa
This reminds me why I take so many photos and why I will continue to do so.
Hugh and Claire beware :o) I can feel another couple of posts coming up.


  1. Now Emily is taller than you!
    Woh Dad

  2. I love seeing old photographs. They bring back lots of memories. xxxx

  3. It's so much fun to look back at both events and how people have grown and changed.