Thursday, 5 November 2009


Today, in Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class, she talks about how writing about everyday things on your blog is ok. Thank goodness for that, as that's all I tend to do anyway ;o) So, let's talk about today! First up was coffee at Nero's with the Thursday morning coffee ladies. We don't meet every Thursday, but try to get together once a fortnight. Leaving home with the ironing done; the diswasher unpacked; dirty dishes loaded and the house fairly tidy, makes the coffee taste even better! A quick stop at the fruit and veg stall, in the walkway back to the carpark, and then on to visit my SIL with a project to show her.
My afternoon was spent working on some sewing projects and reading a few blogs. Claire had the day off and decided to make some Choc Chip Cookies. Fortunately, this time, she did make the effort to tidy up most of the mess in the kitchen afterwards :o). The cookies are always delicious and will be enjoyed with my evening cup of Rooibos/Redbush tea. Thanks Claire.
Now having finished doing a quick hoover, to pick up the shards from the glass that was knocked over as DH got ready to go out this evening, and having completed this blog post, I am ready to sit down with said cup of tea and put my feet up for a while. I think the next batch of fabric cutting might just have to wait until tomorrow. Have a good evening. xx


  1. I enjoy seeing day-to-day things so keep them coming.
    I can vouch for Claire's cookies, they are very 'moreish'.

  2. I really love your blog today!! I so agree with writing about everyday things! A perfect scrapbook page too!!