Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Helping out

Today I spent time with Theresa and the children while she continues to recover from her infection. I spent a lot of time with Tyler and had forgotten how much 2 year olds like your attention ;o). He was really good and was even happy to come to the park with me. The little park is only a short walk from Will and Theresa's house, so we wrapped up and set off. I'd been told about how much Tyler loves going on the Fireman's Pole and he was happy to show me. He's really confident, holds on and swings over to the pole, then slides down. I'm sure my children were older before they attempted this.
Back for more!
Tyler had taken his spade with him and spent ages playing his own games; digging up the bark and piling it on things before wiping it back to the ground again.
There were also a few good puddles for him to jump in :o) and it wasn't long before his trousers were soaked.
The rubbish truck also had a turn going through the puddles
And sticks always come in handy for stirring!
When we got back to the house, the midwife was with Theresa and weighing Alyssa. Minnie (the kitten) was shut in the kitchen for the duration but was happy to come out again once the midwife had left.
Tyler and Minnie
Finally, a photo of Alyssa. She is a little star; is feeding well and sleeps in her carrycot for decent periods at a time. Long may it last :o) (I love the way she lies with her little hands up near her face).

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  1. Tyler is a typical little boy - Climbing, mud, puddles to jump into - really having fun. Just wait until Alyssa is old enough to play. Will she be a typical little girl or will she just follow her big brother? xxx