Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where did the weekend go!

I had such good intentions of what I was going to do today and didn't actually get much done at all. It started off when I came downstairs for breakfast and there were a few over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl. I knew no one would eat them like that so I made some Banana Loaf. The recipe I used was from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook - I think I'm just going to slowly work my way through all the recipes in the book ;o). This banana loaf was different to the one I used to make in South Africa (which, for some reason, doesn't seem to work as well in the UK - why is that??) in that it used cinnamon and ginger in it. I'm not complaining though, it was very tasty and even Jon had a slice. I used a tin which was slightly smaller than they asked for and I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the fact that it sank a little in the middle?
A slice of the loaf, ready to have with a cup of tea :o)
While waiting for the loaf to cook I thought I would have a look at a few blogs I normally read. Well that was fatal because I hadn't been reading many blogs recently and I ended up spending a lot longer than anticipated on them. It was great to catch up with what everyone was saying and I also got to look at a lot of the Around the World blog posts posted by a group of ladies from Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class. Great work everyone, it was fun to see the view from your windows and where you scrapbook.
This evening Emily and I went to church as Jon's Bible study home group was taking the service and Jon was playing his guitar - which he did very well. He's been putting in a lot of practice and it paid off. Well done Jon!
We watched The X Factor results show tonight and it was the twins turn to leave. Although they could be fairly entertaining it was definitely time for them to go. Next week will be interesting ...
I'm now ready for bed as tomorrow is another busy day.

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  1. I am always amazed at how time just flies by when I am reading blogs. I recently found a new one and spent over an hour today just reading through her book reviews. It's a fabulous blog, though. ( Sorry, I had to do it! I read your comment on Joni's blog. I posted tonight about my journals from the last three years. I don't pressure myself to do a page every day (although I did do that the first year). Rather than a December Daily, I look at it as a record of our holidays which always are a bit different. I'd highly recommend it.