Monday, 23 November 2009

Not much to say

Not much to report today. Mondays are when I take Mum to Sainsbury's and we do our weekly grocery shop followed by a coffee and chat in Starbucks :). That part is fine, it's when I get home and then have to unpack it all that I don't like it. When you think about it, first you walk around choosing everything and putting it in your trolley. You get to the checkout and you take it all out your trolley again to go through the checkout. And guess what, you then have to put it all in shopping bags to take home. You unload it from the trolley into the car, from the car into the house and then you have to unpack the bags again! Wow, that's a lot of packing and unpacking!!!
I was ready to take Cloud for a walk after all of that, I needed the fresh air to blow the cobwebs away and to relax a bit. The weather has still been very breezy so I made sure to put on a waterproof, fleece lined jacket. I felt lovely and warm and could enjoy the wind in my face and even the rain we got on our way round.
This afternoon I started another task on my To Do List. I wrote out my Christmas Card List - I thought I had probably made enough cards to cover everyone; haha, way off the mark. I have the same number of cards to make again plus a few! How did I get to have about 80 cards to send out??? Do I know that many people ;o). I even made a start on writing the cards too - I've decided if I write a few each day it won't seem such a huge task and I think it may just work!
I had sent an email to Karen today to tell her I like her Christmas Journals and I am inspired by the fact that this year will be her 4th year of making one. I have thought about this a few times but tend to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making the album up in advance - I like to know what photos and journaling I'm working with when I make layouts. This year I think I'm going to give it a go, I'll get the papers together and see how I get on. If it works out I've no doubt you'll see some photos of the layouts during December. Wish me luck!!
Considering I didn't have much to say, I haven't done too badly ;o). As you will see in the photo below (because I like to have one in each post) I'm now in my pyjamas and I am ready to have an early night. I'm hoping to do more sewing tomorrow as well as the ironing and more card writing. Let's see how much I actually do!

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  1. I agree with you about the shopping Rhona, it's a case of in, out, in, out over and over. We are really ready for our coffee in Starbucks. I'm afraid I am not as energetic as you and I still have to think about Christmas cards. Just thinking about them!!
    Now I shall have to decide what design to use this year and you know how good I am about making decisions:(
    Guess everything will be done at the last minute as usual. xxx