Sunday, 27 December 2009

4 Quilts for Christmas

I can now share the four quilts I made for Christmas The first one is one my sister in law, Deb asked me to make for her husband, Dave (so they wouldn't fight over the one quilt they already have).
The second one was for my great nephew, Tyler. Tyler is 2 (3 in January) and had a new sister come in to his family in October. I had been going to make her a quilt and wanted to make one for Tyler as well.
Tyler's little sister, Alyssa's quilt. I loved the colours in this one and hopefully she'll like it as she gets older too.
And finally, Mum's quilt again. I was pleased with how all four quilts turned out and hope the recipients get lots of use out of them.


  1. These are so beautiful. I love them all, but am especially taken with the bright colors in Tyler's quilt. I am sure the adult recipients really appreciate all the work you put into these beautiful works of art!

  2. They are all beautiful! You are very talented and thoughtful.

  3. How lovely to see the finished quilts and the colours used reflect the tastes of the recipients. I love my pastel colours and have already put my quilt to good use. xxx

  4. I love your quilts, very nice indeed, cant decide which I like best, think its your mums.

  5. Rhona, your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a great talent for picking colors... love them all!!

    I just got caught up reading your previous blogs... sorry I missed them!! Life took a turn on Christmas morning! It's all on my blog!

    Just finished my Wellness album and am really excited to get going!! "Wellness" is my word for the year!

    See you Thursday in class! What fun!! Send me your phone number so I can give you a buzz once in a while after our class begins!!
    Boy, that Emily is adorable!!

  6. I hope your beautiful quilts,will be well loved and appreciated.I know from my own experience how long they take to make.Once was enough for me.