Saturday, 19 December 2009

JYC Day 18 & 19/ more snow photos

I was playing catch up again today - with all the snow we had when we woke up yesterday I decided to spend the day sewing. The knowledge that Christmas was only a week away was preying on my mind! I was hand sewing the binding last night and didn't get round to doing my layouts. This afternoon I finally finished the quilts (as in I am now finished with all sewing for Christmas!!) and this evening I did my two layouts!
For this layout I decided to back the tree and give it a border - I really like the way it turned out.
The letter to Santa prompt had me stumped for a while because I wanted to incorporate one of my snow photos. I'm quite happy with the way it came out though!
And finally, a few more of the snow photos from yesterday and today. Although we haven't had any more snow today, we still have fairly thick snow lying on the ground from yesterday. The road outside our house is a little bit better today but still extremely icy. At least some cars have been able to get out. I haven't attempted it, I'm quite happy to stay at home and look at the snow from inside where I'm nice and cosy!
Emily went outside fairly early yesterday and was amused at Cloud's antics.
Spot the dog. Cloud just about disappears in the snow. She's so funny, runs around like a mad dog which causes the snow to clump on her fur under her tummy and then we have to get it off again.
This causes much laughter!
I loved the trees with the snow on them - if you look carefully you can see how all the snow was on one side of the tree trunks showing the direction the snow had blown in from.
Tyre tracks in the snow outside out house. The cars that haven't moved have stayed covered in a blanket of snow.
Hope you're having a good weekend wherever you are.


  1. Our dog loves the snow as well, he keeps trying to catch it!

  2. Thanks Rhona for your comment.We look like we have similiar lifes from our blogs.
    I'm off to Borough market for the day in London.Exciting!!!!!

  3. Lovely snow photos! The east coast was dumped on this weekend, but it didn't get this far west--thank goodness!

  4. I have just bought myself a EOS Canon 400 of Ebay after selling my broken old gold!Before that I just had a canon P&S.So its all very new to me.I am loving the sharpness of the photos.