Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day

This post is mainly for our family in South Africa :) This morning I woke to the sound of tyres spinning as someone was trying to get up our road in the snow. When I came downstairs this was the sight that greeted me Looking out the back
See how thick the snow is on the table and the top of the shed
Looking out from the front door
You can see the tyre marks in the road - that's where we always battle to get up the little incline.
I then walked out to the green and took a photo looking towards our house
When I turned on my computer the first message to come through was from Emily's school letting us know that school is closed today. They break up a day early for their holidays - yippee!!!
Glad I don't have to go out anywhere today :)


  1. The snow looked absolutely magical but when it was time for people to go to work we had a view of cars trying to drive up the Avenue and sliding back again. we counted four or five cars abandoned at the roadside with the drivers getting out to walk. Needless to say I put my camera to good use!
    It is now 7.12pm and the snow is still thick throughout our garden, about 6 inches deep. xxx

  2. Sorry, I meant Herontye Drive, not Avenue. xxx

  3. Nice photos of your snowfall!! It really makes it seem like Christmas, doesn't it? And Christmas is next week... what a shock! It seems like December just began!!

  4. I had an Email from family in Worthing this morning telling me that they had had a lot of snow!!! I was sad to hear my little Nephew in Somerset didn't get any though - he never gets any and he would soooo LOVE some!!! I wonder if you got the tail end of what we had last week...the cold and snow.....sent across the Atlantic....

    How Festive :) Beautiful pictures :) and at least you know yours will be gone soon - our snow will be here until MAY :(