Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My little visitor + JYC Day 15

Look who came to visit me today :o) and I couldn't have been happier! Alyssa's Mummy, Daddy and Nan were going to see her big brother in his first Christmas play and I had offered to look after her. Poor little girl has a stinking cold and is so snuffly. She's had it for about 2 weeks and has a real problem breathing with it. I had been warned she may be a bit miserable and grumpy; that she doesn't like going in the car and may scream when we stop but she was as good as gold.
The first lesson when she was dropped off was how to put her carseat in my car so I could take her round to my friend Alison's for a quick visit. No problems. We also found that putting a bit of Olbas Oil on a tissue near her so she could breathe in the vapour seemed to help her snuffles a bit. On the way home, she fell asleep in the car and carried on sleeping for a while after we got in the house. I have to admit we did spend a fair bit of time cuddling but at least it meant she got to catch up on some sleep and I loved every minute of it ;o)
This evening I made a quick layout for Day 15. I decided to construct the inner block on Photoshop Elements and print it out in one, then stick it on to the cardstock. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out but wish I had realised the middle photo needed to be moved very slightly to the right so you wouldn't have seen the white line between the two photos. I'm not going to stress about it though as I'm just pleased to have another day completed.
I'm now ready to go and have a cup of rooibos (redbush tea) and work out what I'm doing tomorrow. Still have a quilt to finish, presents to wrap, lists to make, etc. and Christmas is getting closer day by day.

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