Friday, 29 January 2010

Are we mad??? (Please DON'T answer that one!)

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that today we were going down to the Cats Protection Center to see a couple of kittens. We got there only to be told that the kittens they had thought would be suitable, wouldn't be. They had come from an environment where there had been cat flu which means they are carriers. Because we already have two cats they said they wouldn't house the kittens with us as it could be detrimental to Tom and Charlie.
We were asked if we'd met Sally and Mac on our last visit. We didn't remember seeing them but they'd only just been moved from Maternity to the viewing area this morning. They're 6 months old and a bit older than Emily was hoping for, but we went to view them anyway. She fell in love with Sally (the tabby). When we asked if we could see her we were told that they wanted the two cats to housed together. Hmmmm........
I called Jon to see what he thought of that and he surprised me by saying if they were the ones Emily wanted, and I was alright with it, he didn't mind!! So, we agreed and asked to have a visit with the kittens. We were taken into a side room and spent about 20 minutes with the kittens and one of the staff members - who explained about integrating them into the home and introducing them to the other animals. After the visit Emily was more keen than before. We have a home visit arranged for lunch time tomorrow (because when we got Charlie and they did a home visit, we were in our previous house) and if that goes well, we can go straight down and pick them up!
Sally and Mac Mac was more reserved and happy to watch from the outskirts
We did get to pick him up and have a hold; he's so soft and cuddly
I think he wondered what the thing in front of my face was (the camera lens probably looked HUGE to him)
Emily got to hold Sally (who is likely to be renamed Bellatrix Echo Bronte !!!)
My friend Helena was holding her here and didn't want to be in the photo ;o)
This shot is just to give you an idea of how big they are, they're still quite little at 6 months
Love the little tip of her tail! This little lady was quite inquisitive and had a good look at everything that was going on the other side of the door.
So, fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow and we bring the new additions home.
PS. Mum and Dad, I know what you're thinking, you'll just have to bear with us on this one ;o)


  1. No comment!!!!!!!!! Speechless!

  2. Lol....I'm a cat person - love my dogs as they are so faithful but prefer cats because they are independent for the most part and you don't have to pick up poop!! Well, apart from cleaning out the litter tray but thats easy enough with clumping litter etc etc...cats are such characters and so wise....

    A little mad maybe to have so it IS so difficult to say no isn't it??? :)

    I Love my cats :) They have such different personalities and their funny little routines. A home isn't a home without a cat :)

  3. Oh, CUTE!! Hope it all works out - how exciting! :-)

  4. I love cats (but DH is allergic, doh!), particularly tabbies! They are both soooooooo cute.

  5. They are both adorable. Mac looks a lot like one of my favorite cats ever--one of my dad's. Tracy doesn't care much for cats. We had one early in our marriage, but he's opposed to another one.