Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cat update

The kittens had a good night last night, though they did wake Emily up a few times by licking along her jaw line while she was sleeping (which then woke her up!). This morning they seem perfectly happy and have been purring away. I spent a little while in Emily's room trying to take some more photos. They are quite happy to have people around them and I'm hoping later on today that we might bring them downstairs in the cat boxes for Tom, Charlie and Cloud to meet them. I think the sooner we can get them integrated into the household the better.
Bellatrix is very relaxed and quite happy to have her photo taken
Mac is curious about the camera but does sometimes stay still long enough for me to get a shot.
Upstairs and Downstairs
They've taken a shine to Emily's chair, taking turns to sit up on the seat or below on her computer lap cushion. They were acting like true brother and sister earlier and having a play fight while in this position - quite amusing!
I wonder how amusing Charlie (above) and Tom (below) will find them later on??
Could be interesting.

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  1. Love the upstairs/downstairs photo; what cute kittens they are!