Saturday, 30 January 2010

Family gathering / kittens update

Jon had told me earlier in the week that he was meeting up with his brothers, Martin and Simon, at lunchtime today. Simon is over from Chicago on business and although he comes over fairly regularly we don't always get to see him. Emily and I decided that we would pop down to The Broadway today and see both Simon and Martin.
Simon Mike and Martin
It turned out to be a bit of a family gathering. Deb and Dave said they'd pop in to see the guys, Mike usually meets Jon on a Saturday anyway and when Claire heard we were meeting up she said she'd pop down in her lunch hour. In this photo from left to right going round the table are:
Emily, Deb (Jon's sister) & her husband Dave, Mike (Jon's brother), Martin (another brother), Jon, Claire and Simon (another brother). That wasn't bad going, 4 brothers and a sister in one place - we just needed the other 3 brothers and their sister to complete the family ;). Jon is one of ten (nine still living). As I'm one of five children, if we wanted to have a party we'd just need to get all the families together and we wouldn't need to invite anyone else lol!! Just a pity we're not all close enough to do that.
Martin and Simon were heading back up to London just after two and after saying our goodbyes, Emily and I headed down to Cats Protection. We'd had our house visit at 12 and everything went well so we were able to go and pick up the kittens. Mac didn't particularly like being in the car but, fortunately, we don't live that far from the Center. They are now settling in to Emily's room and she is finding out that although she had done a tidy up, these kittens are still likely to cause havoc! They are having great fun exploring everywhere and can reach even the higher up shelves - she may be hunting for what she wants as the days go by. We're hoping we'll only have to have them shut in for a few days and we'll be starting to introduce the kittens to Tom and Charlie as soon as they seem a bit settled. I did try and take some photos this afternoon but they didn't want to stay still for long.
Emily with Bellatrix (one way of keeping her still)
Mac with a couple of little toys the CPC sent home with them
I told you she was quizzy ;)
Now I need to go and sort out dinner before the family come asking what we're having. Saturdays are more laid back but from next week I'm hoping to have a menu organised so I don't have to keep thinking about what we're going to eat. I did it for a while last year and it made life so much simpler. I just need to be more organised!
Have a good weekend


  1. Oh my gosh, the markings on Bellatrix are gorgeous. Have fun with your new kitties!!! They are so much fun. >^..^<

  2. That's a huge family! I've also been thinking about some sort of munu planner, as I loathe and detest think about what we;re going to eat.

  3. What a wonderful family get together!! :)

    Beautiful kittens!! So glad they are finally home with you :) It sounds so much fun with them settling in :) I bet Emily is loving it! What does Cloud think?

    I am refusing to look at the Brownies post....NOT's your fault I've eaten too much banana bread the last couple of days and my jeans are now too tight! Sigh....I love brownies :( One of the very first things I ever learned to cook. Start posting recipes for healthy salads instead :) lol!!!