Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A few more

Can you tell I'm still waiting for Hugh to get home safely??
Charlie in the snow
I thought I'd just point out that it has only been snowing for the last couple of hours. It still hasn't stopped! I had a call from Hugh to tell me he'd been made to turn round because the cars in front couldn't get up the hill. He's now trying a different route. He says the roads haven't been gritted!!!! Why not - I've been reading severe weather warnings all afternoon, they must have known there was a chance it was going to hit us!! So annoying and frustrating!!


  1. Wow! It's just started here. Hope Hugh isn't too long getting home safely.

  2. Glad to see now that Hugh is home!! It drives me crazy at how badly the UK copes with this weather when it happens - having now lived in Canada and seen how well they cope with such extremes of heat and cold. I was in the UK in Feb/ March when it snowed last year and roads were closed in Dorset because of a tiny amount of snow and ice - it was crazy - lives are lost for no reason and all they need to do is take some lessons from parts of Canada with similar weather.

    Mind you - they could learn a thing or two about construction from over here too - we don't have those dreadful traffic cones either and most construction is done overnight so you don't even notice! I guess they've learned to do it fast because they can only do construction here for maybe 5 or 6 months of the year!!

    Your pictures are beautiful - you can tell it's somewhere different to here - the snow is so very different. isn't there something magical about watching snow fall - once you know your loved ones are safe!!!