Tuesday, 5 January 2010

He's home safely :oD

I'm so glad Hugh's home!! I can now relax and head off to bed :o). That wasn't a fun journey for him but he's home and that's all I care about now. Sleep tight xx


  1. :)

    I hope the roads aren't too bad tomorrow. When you get a lot of snow over there it is always on our news - so I shall watch out for it!!

  2. Glad Hugh got home safely. You got a lot of good photos while you were waiting. We, too, are getting a lot of snow, but I think we're more accustomed to it. Matt plows for the landscaper he works for so he was out the door at 3:30 am this morning, and expects to go out again tonight. I am getting sick of it already (the roads were not nice today), and I know we have at least two more months of it to go. It's only pretty if we all can stay home!

  3. So glad Hugh got home safely, now you can relax. I took some photographs of our garden last night and then again this morning and the snow is so deep now. It's funny looking at some of the plant pots for the snow sitting on top reminds me of photographs of souffles!! xxx