Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More snow :os

We woke up this morning to more snow! Not as much as we had before but enough for us to get a text saying the school is closed again because the road outside isn't safe. It had been supposed to be the first day back at normal time (ie. 8.25am) so Emily and I were up at 6am - I could have had a lie in :o( lol!! If you look at the shed in the photo you can just about make out the snow coming down ;o).
I'm now off to have some breakfast and after looking at our bananas, there may be some baking going on later.
Have a cosy day!


  1. I spoke too soon last night ~ more snow here this morning!

  2. When I was small there
    used to be a little rhyme chanted by the children when we had days and days of rain. It was 'Rain, rain, go to Spain and don't come back to Paisley again'. Now we need one about snow but where do we send it?

  3. Have just had a thought! Should we send it to the Sahara Desert?