Wednesday, 13 January 2010

No baking got done

I know earlier this morning I said that I might do some baking to use up some of the bananas - that didn't happen! We were all at home today; Jon was looking for work, it was Claire's day off, Emily had a snow day and Hugh is booked off work and waiting for a physio appointment for his knee. The girls and I caught up on a few taped TV programmes - Emily wanted me to watch Glee (not sure what I think of that one but seeing as Josh Groben is in it next week I'll watch again then before making my decision).
I made curried sausages for dinner; we haven't had them for a while and, with the weather the way it has been, I thought it would be a good time to make them again. It's such a simple dish but so tasty.
This afternoon I made a start on going through drawers in our bedroom, sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of. I filled about 3/4 of a black bag with stuff taken from the three bedside table drawers and two chest of drawer drawers. I was fairly ruthless, anything broken/chipped or not used or worn in the last year went in the bag. It felt good to clear some space but I now need to tidy the other drawers (or maybe rope Jon in to do those as it's his things) before deciding which room to tackle next.
My cleared bedside table (with Golden Jubilee teddy)
Tomorrow my table will be cleared again, then maybe I'll feel more inclined to scrapbook!


  1. Oh thats not fair - I can spy my favourite perfume!!! I LOVE Obsession but I haven't worn it since I've been with Lloyd because his Gran used to wear it! OMG :( I am so sad - I miss it so much - he doesn't let me wear it because he says I smell like his Gran when I wear it! Well - he says I CAN wear it but then I have to know that when he's hugging me he is thinking I smell like his Gran....oh my!!!

    I think it's a lovely perfume!!! I used to get so any compliments wearing it! It was my signature scent!! Lol! :(

    Since then I've had lots of perfumes but I've never found one that I 'love'....

  2. My kids all love Glee....I know a certain girl who turns 12 next week and is hoping for the dvd for her birthday ;)

  3. I don't remember EVER seeing my bedside table so clean. I have piles of books and magazines on it. Maybe I should move them to another spot and keep only the ones I'm likely to read this week. Now there's a thought. Off to volunteer today and to PT, but you might see an inspired photo on my blog later!