Friday, 22 January 2010

Not a lot going on

It's been damp and pretty miserable today, not the sort of weather that makes you want to go out and do anything, so things have been pretty quiet. Jon took Claire in to work this morning because he wanted to pick up a paper, which gave me the chance to have a cup of tea before going to pick up Emily from school a bit later and take her to the orthodontist. Just a routine appointment and things seem to be going well - apart from the fact she still has one baby tooth that hasn't come out and they've suggested she have it pulled when she sees our dentist on 01 March. Needless to say, Emily is not thrilled by that idea so I think there could be a lot of tooth wiggling between now and then ;o) This was actually taken after Emily got home from school but seeing as I forgot to take one at the orthodontists, it will have to do.
I've had a dull headache for a few days now (PMT perhaps?) and after lunch I was feeling cold and achy so I went and lay down and read my book for a while. Haven't done that in a long time but I felt better for it afterwards.
This afternoon I made a start on the dreaded filing. Not a job I particularly enjoy but a necessity none the less. I have filed most of it but because Jon was working in the study, and I was making a bit of noise, I didn't get it all done. Procrastination anyone??? I did take a photo of the paperwork all sorted and ready to be filed but when I went to upload it I realised that you could make out names, our address and in some cases account numbers - hmmmm, maybe not such a good idea to put it on the net!!! You'll just have to take my word for it instead.
This was Charlie telling me he wanted to be fed ;o) When I ask him if he wants some food he answers me and I just happened to catch him while he was doing it lol!
Cloud and Wallace in their basket. They quite enjoy going in here at the moment because it's in front of the radiator and nice and warm. Unfortunately, Wallace seems to have been in a bit of pain tonight, we're not sure why, so I guess he'll be going to the vets tomorrow if he still doesn't seem right in the morning :(


  1. I do so love those pooches of yours.

  2. How is your dog now? I love Emily's scarf - such a gorgeous colour!!! How is your head now?