Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tyler's 3rd birthday :)

Today was Tyler's birthday - I can't believe he's three already and next year will start school, how scarey is that!! Back to today though. Tyler had to go back to the hospital for them to check his toe - he's doing alright and it's just going to take time for the toe to heal.
I had Alyssa while they went to the hospital but didn't get to take any photos of her :( She wasn't a very happy little girl today but once I got her settled I wasn't going to do anything to upset her so we sat quietly while she slept (and I watched a couple of ER episodes). The photo below was taken when we got back to Theresa's for Tyler's birthday tea and cake.
Tyler was so excited about his cake and couldn't wait to show me - even before opening any presents. His Nan made the cake and his mummy iced it (and when we got to eat it, it was delicious!)
Finally getting round to opening presents. It was so sweet to see how excited he was about everything and, fortunately, he seemed to like everything he got :)
Cards can be a bit tricky to get out of the envelope sometimes
Sitting with his big sister, Michaela to open a couple of presents
Finally it was time for the birthday cake and the candles. There was even a candle playing the Happy Birthday tune!
One happy little boy. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day Tyler!!
I'm afraid that's all I've got for today. I was up later than normal last night and I'm paying for it this evening so I'm off to have an early night. My book and tea are waiting for me :)
Have a good evening


  1. Looks like Tyler had a good time; my DS didn't like all the fuss recently for his birthday!

  2. So cute :-) Happy birthday for yesterday, Tyler! Great cake, no wonder he was so excited :-)

  3. Awww three is such a wonderful age :) Great cake!!