Friday, 1 January 2010

Our New Year's Eve/Snow Crop Circles

Well, it's finally here - 2010! Will you be calling it "twenty ten" or "two thousand and ten"? So far it looks like we'll be going for "twenty ten". We were talking about it last night and said when we were born it was "nineteen whatever" not "one thousand nine hundred and whatever" and so "twenty ten" it's likely to be.
We had a very quiet evening last night. Claire went round to her boyfriend's before they went out so we said Happy New Year to her around 4.30pm ;o). Jon, Hugh, Emily and I had a snacky food dinner - which meant very little cooking for me :o)
Emily wanted me to watch the last two Harry Potter DVDs. We started early and Jon and Hugh watched the first one with us. Although I never feel that fussed about watching Harry Potter, I have to admit that I do enjoy them once they're on. Jon went to bed fairly early and Hugh, Emily and I made a start on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. When Sarah (Hugh's girlfriend) arrived we paused to fill her in on what had been going on and then continued watching. The movie finished around 11.30pm and we switched over to watch the countdown to the New Year on BBC and saw the fireworks on TV. Although it was quiet, it was lovely to have family around and I'm making the most of it because I know it'll probably soon be just Emily and I seeing in the New Year together (until she wants to be out with friends too ;o) )
This morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow and our very own "snow crop circles" on our back patio. I was quite fascinated by them and had to take a photo ;o)
Most of the circles appear where the corners of the paving stones are but there is one, which you can see in the photo, that is in the centre of a paving stone. We've never seen this before when we've had snow so I thought I'd share! Has anyone else seen this happen before?
Once again, Happy New Year to everyone who pops in to read this blog, thank you for doing so and please leave me a comment from time to time - I enjoy seeing who visits :o)


  1. I said I would be having a quiet New Year and I was right. Dad went to bed early as usual and I watched a television film before switching to BBC for the countdown. Your after midnight call was very welcome Rhona, thank you and thanks for passing on Norma's message.

    It's all quite different here from those New Year parties at the Sysum's in South Africa!! xxx

  2. Your night sounds very similar to ours - we had spread like yours and a movie evening! Happy New Year!

    I like the snow circles!! So strange!!!

    Happy New Year Rhona's Mum too!!! :)

  3. Snow crop circles? New one on me! Happy New Year to you and yours.