Friday, 1 January 2010

A photo a day tag book

I really like the idea of a Photo A Day project and last year I started off with good intentions but then never followed through. I've been thinking about doing it again this year but wasn't sure that scrapbook pages was the way for me to do it. As I was sitting thinking about the New Year today, I remembered that I'd printed off January tags from Cathy Zielske's A Year of Tags. That's when it struck me, I could use the tags for my Photo a Day. My problem last year was that if I forgot to take a photo I felt like it would mess up my page for that week. Using the tags, if I miss a photo or don't journal one day then I could just leave that tag out and continue with the next day. I plan on keeping this as simple as possible - I have cut out all the tags for January so they're ready for me to just pick one up and write what I've done each day. I aim to take photos each day and will print one off (6x4 size) and stick it to the back of the previous day's journalling and call it done. The only patterned paper I'll need will be for the front cover each month (and possibly the back one). I plan to do this project a month at a time and at the end of each month I will punch a hole or holes and use book rings to hold it all together.
My January cover The first pages (I have inked round the edges as well) .
Does anyone else fancy doing this with me? I've already spoken to my Mum and suggested she play along. Norma? anyone else? Let me know :o)
>>You can download the tags by following the "A Year of Tags" link above. I printed my tags on white card.


  1. I'm thinking of doing something similar. I'm taking part in 52-10, but apart from that, I enjoyed doing JYC so much that I think I may continue doing a similar thing throughout the year - 6 x 6 type mini album in a really informal style with book rings - one per month. Not feel tied to a page per day but have an album per month so I can print pictures and stick them in - a little like my blog but with less writing!

    I love your tag idea!!! I'll look forward to following along on our blog!

  2. I'm going to try to do Project 365 again. I came close to doing it last year. There were a couple months where I didn't manage to take the photos. But only half of them are uploaded to my blog, and only about 17 weeks were scrapped. This year I decided to do a favorite shot of the week, and your tag idea might be a good one. I used Cathy's tags last year for monthly summary layouts. I need to finish those too. It's on the list for 2010.

    The first year I tried this I tried to do a page for each day in an acrylic album. I had the photo on one side and one or two sentences about it on the other. It was 6X4 so there weren't any page protectors. I was totally amazed by how fat it got in just one month. It's still sitting on my bedroom bookshelf, but there's only one month it in! Happy New Year!