Thursday, 7 January 2010

A quiet day at home

This morning, knowing that we had another snow day, I didn't get up until just after 7am. It was still fairly dark when I came downstairs but by 8.30am you could see the sun trying to come up behind the trees. There was a fair amount of snow on the table on the patio and when Emily went out to measure it she said the average was about 6 inches.
While I was doing the ironing, a little bit later, Emily decided to have a go at making a snowman. She had intended to use the snow in the garden but in the photo below she is showing me that it wasn't sticking together very well
She then thought she may just try and use the snow on the table and make a smaller snowman.
Do you like her technique? Spread your arms wide and scoop in as much as you can in one go.
Form the snow into a mound and you're about done!
This is what she looked like by the time she came inside (and I'm afraid I didn't get out to take a photo of her snow cat :o(
The ironing is now up to date again and I feel much happier!
For the rest of the afternoon I've been finishing off my JYC layouts. I've got them done now but will wait until tomorrow to take photos of them. Another project I'm glad to have finished - though I've just remembered I haven't made a title page yet :o(
This afternoon the clouds started gathering again and I was sure we were going to get more snow. We did have some for a short while mid day but it's been clear again since then. Google is still showing more snow for our area today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday! Could be interesting if it's true.
Late this afternoon Jon and I sat in the bedroom and watched a car trying to get out of our road. There were about 4 or 5 people gathered around the car, digging the snow away with shovels. One by one they left and went back to their houses until it was just the driver left. We were sure he was going to get in his car and try again but instead he locked the doors and walked back to one of the houses. Looks like he was just moving his car ready to try and get out tomorrow moring. It's been quite entertaining watching some of the cars trying to get out of our road. That's why my car is still firmly on the drive ;o)


  1. Looks like Emily had fun, my DS is not interested at all. Mind you, we've only had that small amount yesterday, so not enough for a snowman. My ironing basket is full, if you're interested??

  2. I LOVE Emily's coat - It just makes me think of ice skating...and twirling :) I no longer have a waist so I couldn't get away with a coat like that....sigh....

    What do you iron??? I don't buy anything that needs ironing. It's my rule (lol) In fact we've now lost the iron - which is a shame because we need it to iron the bead designs that Sam and Abby make with those little beads from Ikea!!

    Thankfully one good thing about our terrible winters is that you HAVE to tumble dry everything - we don't even have radiators to hang things on - heat comes out through holes in the floor. So I just get everything out of the tumble dryer hot and hang it or fold it and it doesn't need to be ironed.