Saturday, 9 January 2010

Still more snow!!! :o(

I know you're probably getting a bit fed up with seeing snow photos - I know I am!! However, there's not a lot going on around here at the moment so it's snow photos or nothing I'm afraid! We had a few more snow flurries this morning but it's clear at the moment. More snow is predicted for tomorrow and Monday at the moment.
Emily is keeping busy doing the homework that was set for them and is quite happy. Claire has the day off work so didn't have to walk in this morning. She's back at work tomorrow though. Hugh is still unable to get in to work (as are most of the other people who work with him) and has also aggrivated a recent knee injury by walking in the snow yesterday. Not good! He's finally thinking he may need to see a doctor once we're able to get out and about again whereas, when it first happened, he hadn't felt he needed to.
Photos taken from my bedroom window. Overlooking the green in front of the house
Looking towards the main road Jon had just finished sweeping off his car.
Icicles!! This is what made me grab my camera in the first place. I have never seen icicles this long before and these were outside my bedroom window
They look quite pretty with the blue sky behind them ;o)
I'm thinking I should go and start sorting through and tidying my kitchen but it feels like a huge task! Am I the only one who has so much clutter on the work surfaces? I go through phases where I'm really good and clear everything off and then keep it neat and tidy for a while but then the piles accumulate again! Over Christmas they have got worse :o( so I guess I really do need to get stuck in and tidy - yeuch!! I do not enjoy housework - it's an evil necessity!! I'd far rather be crafting :o)


  1. We think the snow looks so pretty but now it would be nice to see it melt away to allow us to get back to normal.

    Hope Hugh's knee improves. xxx

  2. We are having a heatwave!! It was -2 when we woke up this morning and set to reach +4c woohoo!!! Get the beach towels and shorts ready :) I think we have swapped weather systems!!! It has made for slushy roads and we got through a lot of windscreen washer fluid this morning!!!

    Hhhmmm does that mean Spring is almost here and YOU will get snow until May??? ;) lol! I doubt it!!! We get the most snow in March normally...sigh...

  3. Great shot of the icicles.

  4. The snowy photos are fab. I love the icicles. The snow has cleared a bit for us now so I'm itching to get out tomorrow.
    I'm a clutter collector too despite my best efforts not to be. I say do some craft instead, much more fun. Your JYC is looking gorgeous :)