Friday, 8 January 2010

Emily's snow rap ;)

Emily is on her third snow day today but this time there's a difference. The teachers have set work for the children to do from home ;o). One of Emily's tasks is to make a snow rap for music. These photos show her performing her rap for me lol!!!
Yo, I've got a song for you
It's about fluffy white stuff falling from the sky
Yo, yo, yo, I'm out in the snow
Going to rap about snow now, yeah!
It's like rain but it's cold
And it's white and it's fluffy, aye!
Like miniature poodles falling from the sky
Don't get hypothermia or you might die
Woah, Snow!
Kids are out fighting
Not with guns but with snowballs
It's hard core and you know it
Don't say it, just snow it!
The town is looking mighty fine
Decked out in the colour, in the phrase White Wine
But I can't see a grape vine
Because it's covered in snow! Yo!!
Hope you enjoyed her rap! Yo!
She tells me there will be a video on YouTube eventually so I'll link to it when it happens ;o)


  1. Emily's Grandmother9 January 2010 at 19:02

    What a versatile granddaughter I have. lol xxx

  2. Laurence says VERY CREATIVE!!!! We will look forward to youtube :) Laurence says it's better than he could do :)