Friday, 15 January 2010

Tidy table

I know I had said I was going to tidy my desk yesterday but, with Alyssa coming round last night, I never got round to it. I decided to get to it this morning and as well as my desk, I tidied and sorted the bookcase too. It took me the best part of the morning and it's lovely to have it done.
My "view" when I'm at my computer. The expedit bookcase (from Ikea). I love this bookcase, it's the perfect size for scrapbook albums and papers
Another area cleared but still lots more to do. Claire assures me she is going to sort/tidy her room over the weekend as she has 3 days off - I'm going to hold her to that!! I won't take photos (or not to put on the blog at any rate! I imagine you can guess why :o( )
Ironing to do and dishes to wash and then I'm going to have a break and read one of my magazines. What will you be doing this afternoon??


  1. My 'dishwasher'(Dad) washed the lunchtime dishes then went for forty-winks while I did some ironing.
    Now? Here I am at my computer, relaxing. xxx

  2. Wow you have a lot of 'stuff' for scrapbooking!!!! You could almost hold crops at your place!! I'll be right over!! :)

    Looks good :)

  3. Your "studio" looks great. Love those bookcases.