Friday, 15 January 2010

Last night

I told you I was babysitting last night :) and I just wanted to share a few photos of this beautiful little girl! She is the sweetest little thing and I love getting a chance to look after her. Unfortunately, the reason I got to look after her wasn't quite as nice - her Mummy (Theresa) and Daddy (Will) were taking her big brother, Tyler to A&E. He had been playing with his Nan (my sister, Kay) the previous night and had landed awkwardly on his foot. Theresa had thought he was okay, but then yesterday she noticed that he wasn't putting his weight on his foot and when he did, it was obviously painful. He was a very brave boy at the hospital and let them x-ray his foot and it looks like he has fractured his big toe :o( He was still being brave when he came to pick Alyssa up and I'm told he got two stickers for being so good :o) When Theresa brought Alyssa round she was fast asleep. We decided to let her carry on sleeping and not disturb her because she'd had her first vaccination in the morning and Theresa said she'd been quite miserable. (Photo by Emily)
Emily was desperate to have a hold and eventually I had to give in and let her have her turn ;o)
Isn't she the cutest!
When she woke up, and after she had a bottle, she was smiling and "talking" to me. So precious (photo by Emily)
A little bit later and we got a big yawn! She did actually stay awake after that until Theresa, Will and Tyler got back to pick her up then it didn't take too long for her to fall asleep in her Mummy's arms.


  1. Yes,'Isn't she lovely' words from a song which do describe her. Lucky you, Emily, having a turn at holding her. Great-grandma hasn't seen her smile yet so that's something for me to look forward to.
    Tyler was very brave to go to hospital and hopefully his toe will soon be better. xxx

  2. Oh she is so beautiful!! And that yawn picture is lovely!!! Awww babies! We went to a lovely baby store last night that my friend owns - to choose a gift for my neighbours new baby. Lloyd is hopeless with babies and spent the whole time oohing and aahhhing over everything!! It did make me want to have another one! Such a shame we can't! Ah well - Grandchildren one day!!

    I hope Tyler is all better very soon!! xx

  3. What a sweetheart! I love that last photo.

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for DS in about 25 years, maybe??