Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Today ...

I had been going to take a photo of the two cats in the bay window this morning but because I got up to get my camera, they both moved :o( - Claire, however, was sitting in just the right spot, all ready to go to work. She looks quite different when she ties her hair up! Before that, I'd taken this photo of the sun just starting to come up behind the houses behind us. It must have been around 7.30am and although it's not captured as well as I would have liked, it was very pretty.
This afternoon saw the clouds starting to build up. The weathermen have been warning of snow today and I wondered if we were going to see some a bit earlier than they predicted.
It held off until a little while ago. I went through to make myself a cup of tea and looked out the window to see the snow falling in the lamp light. The patio had already started to cover over then and it hasn't stopped snowing since. We've probably got about an inch on the patio now.
I know it looks more like rain but it is actually snow. The snow flakes are bigger now and it's settling nicely. Much as I love the look of snow, I do like to know all my children are home safe. Hugh, unfortunately, is supposed to be working till 10pm tonight and has about a 15 minute drive. I'll be glad when he's home safe and sound. I know he's a safe driver but I still don't like him driving in these conditions :o(
On a slightly brighter note, Emily and I are hoping the snow does continue overnight so that it's thick enough that she doesn't have to go to school and we can have a lie in in the morning ;o). I'll let you know if we're lucky enough to have that happen. You never know as they have warned that the south of England could get up to 16"s of snow (not that I expect we'll get that much!).
I hope you are all somewhere nice and cosy and that your loved ones are safe and sound, wherever you may be.


  1. I hope we don't get that much snow!! All my loved ones safely tucked up for the night.

  2. We don't really get snow days here where the schools shut - we've never had one anyway...but there are days when the buses don't run because it's too cold or the roads are too bad. If the buses don't run I COULD drive the children to school - but I choose not to - we have a lazy day at home instead! The schools are half empty those days anyway!!

    I hope you both get your snow day tomorrow :) What will you do with it?

    Our weather is supposed to warm up this weekend - to almost 0c and some say maybe to +4c Wow thats insanely warm for this time of year! Woohoo!